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Looking for viper 800 electronic dartboard? You are at the right place. Read on to get more ideas how to pick up the best one.

Viper 800 Electronic Dartboard

The viper 800 electronic dartboard is very valuable and one of the best electronic darts board and designed with the regulation size of 15.5 target face and contains the bright LCD that gives you a clear view. It consists of a brilliant feature that offers the protection of your wall from errant throws. An electronic dartboard is mainly constructed from tournament quality thermal resin segments that provide you the smooth playing surface.

You can choose the color as this electronic dartboard available in many colors like red, silver, and black. The viper electronic dartboard is the Upgradations form of the dartboard, includes many special features, and provides you very soft dart tips. Many players will able to play together only as the electronic dartboard includes a lot of features and specifications. It includes 6 started darts and brilliant mounting software, an external power supply adaptor of 1000mah that helps run your game for a long time.

Viper 800 Electronic Dartboard, Extended Scoreboard
  • Designed with a regulation sized 15.5" target face; Tournament quality thermal resin segments...
  • Ultra-thin spider greatly reduces bounce outs, allowing for closer dart groupings to maximize...

Seeking the best electronic dartboards that are tremendously popular these days? It provides you the best alternative way to practice at your home, you can get more interactive experience with your children and most probably it is very safe. If you buy a poor quality electronic dartboard, it will not able to give you as much fun as an electronic dartboard is able.

Viper 800 Electronic Dartboard Review In 2020

Although electronic Dartboard will able to offers you the feature of multiple games and various types of variations of the games. Ig you are a game lover and seriously want to Boost your scores then you have to buy the best electronic dartboard as it will give you the desired results.

The viper 800 electronic dartboard is very suitable and ideal to fulfill your desire and you will not need to change dartboard for a long time as this includes a lot of features and specifications. You can check the reviews and comments about the viper 800 electronic dartboard. Even if you are trying the dart game firstly then this electronic dartboard is very suitable and relevant for you.

It includes the ultra-thin spider that will greatly reduce the bounce-outs, that allows you the maximum scoring as it includes the extra dartpoints.The electronic dartboard is very easy to use and the key options of electronic Dartboard includethe higher game option, player next balance, outhandicap, counter eliminates Core and volume feature. Multiplayer option gives you the facility of playing at least 16 players together, as no one needs to sit on the side-line.

Facts about features and enactment of viper

  • 800 electronic dartboard
  • Features of an electronic dartboard
  • Great start for beginner

Some people do not know about the power of dartboard, as it can built-in 57 games with 307 customizable venations. It includes an auto select option by taking the help of this option the beginner can easily play the date games.However, if you re the professional and wants to play then it have the option of 301, other 01, cricket, countup. It also has two rear settings that areMinnesota and Spanish.

Viper 800 Electronic Dartboard, Extended Scoreboard
  • Designed with a regulation sized 15.5" target face
  • Features 57 games with 307 options and accommodates up-to 16 players
Viper 800 tons of games to choose 57 unique games and 429 options

Provides high-quality segmentation

It has the thermoplastic coverage on their body that provides you the higher durability. Ultra-slight creepy crawly and inward sections help you to decrease the bob out just as you can play close groupings. At the point when you would play the competition, the nearby gathering will be useful to expand your scoring.

Dart organizer

Viper electronic dartboard contains building storage which can be able to store the 2 sets of darts on each side. It has also given you the extra space if you want to store the extra dart tip. Sometimes your dart may loose and your game will postpone because of losing the darts, but if you will use this space than you will able to start you’re playing any time. You have to utilize the dart space properly.

Landing zone

Are you a dartboard beginner? If you are a novice player then definitely you are tense about the damaging of your walls. Nobody will affect the starting of dart games, make sure that if you want to save your walls and you can buy the amazing and brilliant Viper 800 electronic dartboard. It includes a soft Dart pitch to catch a large Ring with a 360° landing zone, as it is very helpful for your walls from the bad throwing of darts.

Smart game interface

The viper 800 board incorporates game interface control, with just ten points. All these bottoms will give an office in game-playing and there is an alternate way button for playing cricket, check-up or 301 legitimately. If you need to set the trouble level and variety than you can without much of a stretch do it by exchanging the alternatives button.It has various other options like adjusting Bounce out, eliminate dart score and missed dart.


The performance of the viper 800 electronic dartboard is very good as this product has 35 years of experience in dartboard manufacturing. This product is one of the most advanced as a comparison to other collections of the dartboard because of all the modern features and specifications in this dartboard. This product is very suitable for beginners as well and as professionals. The bright LCD and Stylish colors help this dartboard to make it unique and rare among all dartboards.

Pros of a viper 800 electronic dartboard

  • It will able to show the four players numerical as well as cricket symbol scores at a single time
  • It has a very special feature of scoring their Minnesota and Spanish, which is a very unique feature.
  • You can also play with the computer as it includes the player versus the computer game option.
  • It has the auto player change options in which the next player will turn automatically.
  • It does not need an expert plumber if you want to mount up the dartboard on the wall.
  • It is very easy to use and an excellent product
  • This product comes with a 1-year standard warranty.

Cons of a viper 800 electronic dartboard

  • Sometimes the dart tips broke very rapidly
  • It has an issue with twofold dividers.

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