How To Throw Darts (Step by Step Guide)

Throwing dart is one of the best entertainment with your friends but throwing dart is not an easy task you need to look for many things like gripping, handling and pushing the dart with force and if you become master in these tasks then only you can provide a consistent release to your dart but throwing darts is not a one day process you need to keep learning the process with your friends or even when you are all alone at your home.

So in this guide, you will get to know the exact process of throwing a dart (step by step process). So if you are a beginner and want to learn this skill then it is advised to read this guide.

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Step 1: Assuming the Target area

It is the first step that will help a dart player in the initial phase of throwing a dart. In this, he needs to evaluate the throw line and many other things that he needs to take care of.

Stand behind throw line

The throw line is also known as oche and it is the line that you never have to cross. So the very first thing that you need to look is that your feet should not cross the line and if your feet cross the line then you will face plenty in this game.

Face your dominant foot in the side of your dartboard

Another thing that you need to take care of is that your feet should be on the side of your dartboard. Your one foot should be in the forward direction (Right feet) and if you are left-handed then your left foot should be in the forward direction. It is very important that your toe should be behind the throw line.

Your posture should be in such a way that if you are a left-hander then your left hand should be in the forward direction and on the other hand if you are a right-handed then your right hand should be in the forward direction because your dominant hand will help in batter and smooth gripping of your dart.

The focus should be on the goal

After making exact posture it’s time for your head moment. Your eyes should be on the exact goal that you want to achieve. It will help to get a more accurate throw.

Turn your front foot towards the center of dartboard

You need to make an imaginary line from the center of your dartboard to your throw line and make sure that your right feet toe should be placed in the center of that line and if you face any problem in identifying that imaginary line then you also mark that angle with the help of chalk or marker. This will help to throw your dart straight and chances of achieving your target will also increase.

Posture while throwing

It is the posture while throwing that will decide your success in this game so you need to be extra careful while throwing a dart. It is very necessary that you should not slouch your hip back. It is very necessary that your shoulder and hips should be stacked on top of each other. You need to check that your legs, shoulder, and hips should be straight while throwing a dart.

There are some players who lean their upper body while throwing dart because it provides them more relaxation and ease. You can also do the same but make sure that you must be in the front face to your target because if you are not in the exact position and your dartboard is not in the exact order then you can’t hit the target in this game.

is not in the exact order then you can’t hit the target in this game.

Step 2: Gripping and aiming the Dart

Gripping plays a very important role in the success of a dartboard player. You need to be extra careful while gripping your dart.

This video will suggest the actual way of throwing a dart.

Aim of gripping

The main aim and objective you’re gripping should be that you need to keep the end of your dart pointing up in each stage of throwing your dart.

In order to pursue a perfect throw, make sure you have to choose high-quality darts so that it can be easy to handle and throwing.

Relaxing and stability

It is very necessary that your dart must be stable in your hand and you should keep in such a way that it should not give tension to your finger muscle. Dart is not the game of force infect it is the game of touch with a focus in your mind. You need to keep the dart in such a way that it will not slide from your hand unwontedly.

Most people made a mistake that they keep the dart so tightly or loosely and while they release the dart then it doesn’t hit the target.

Use at least three fingers

Using more fingers will provide easy and excessive gripping to your dart at the same time if you use three fingers it becomes difficult to release the dart. Finger coordination plays a very important role in achieving the target. Some player makes this common mistake that they use two fingers in releasing the dart and due to this dart doesn’t get stability.

Dart Barrel Shape

Dart barrel shape and size

The use of finger is directly dependent upon the size of your dart barrel. If your dart barrel is small then you need to release from two fingers and if the size of your dart barrel is large then you need to put your three fingers in pushing your dart.

So you need to be extra careful while selecting the dart barrel because it is the barrel that defines the success of a dart player. Mostly successful dart players are very choosy while selecting the dart barrel for their international tournaments.

Maintain your rest fingers

It is very necessary that the fingers that are not being used in the process of dart-throwing should be kept in a comfortable position. It will help in maintaining the gripping and muscular force by your hands while throwing your dart.

Raise your dart to eye level

You need to swing your front arm forward and keep your dart in your eye level. Make sure that your shoulders should be straight and your posture should be correct. Your elbow hand angle should be 90 degrees. It will help you to determine your target position.

Tilt your dart little upward

It is the last step before releasing your dart. In this, you need to tilt your dart little upward so that your dart should hit the target facing the gravitational force of the earth.

Use your dominant eye to focus on your target

Now you are releasing the dart and if you are right-hander then you should focus on your aim with your right eye by keeping your left eye closed. It is a very necessary and important step for a successful dart player. In this, you need to keep your entire focus on your goal.

Step 3: Releasing the Dart

It is the last step of your dart throwing. You need to throw your dart and for that, you need to little push the angle that you made of your elbow. There are some things that you need to know while throwing a dart.

Use of hand wrist

Use only your hand wrist when throwing a dart. Take your hand wrist little back and then with some push accelerate your dart towards the target.

Snap your wrist upward

You need to snap your dart upward while throwing dart because it will provide an extra push to your dart. Make sure that you should not snap your wrist downward because it will take your dart in a downward direction. It is the step that will help a player for his consistent and accurate throw.

Continue hand in throwing motion

It is very necessary for a player to keep your hand in motion even after throwing a dart because it will provide batter acceleration to a dart and also maintain the good form at the end of throwing your dart.


In this article, you get to know about the technique of throwing and gripping of a dart but it is not a one day game. You need to practice on a regular basis if you want to become the master in the art of throwing the dart. It is very necessary for a dart player that he should be active and concentrated while throwing the dart.

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