How to Hang a Dartboard Cabinet? Step by Step Guide

Along with the hanging of framed photos and artwork, the brilliant way to hang a dartboard based upon the wall surface and the hardware. If the wall surface and the hardware are very smooth and good, you will able to hang your dartboard perfectly

If you want to make this process very easy then you have to buy those Dartboards of that type which comes with the special hanging hard disc and Bracket system,as these are very helpful to hang the dartboard cabinet very easily.

Height of dartboard and distance regulations

It doesn’t matter how the wall surface is. You have to need enough headroom and floor space, only these are helpful to create a regulation area of darting. The normal height of the dartboard is about 68 inches from the floor. 

If you want to know the proper placement of the throw line, then you have to measure the density of the dartboard. It should be proper according to the width and height of your dartboard, but if it is not sufficient then you can add up the thickness of the dartboard, by placing a piece of tape you can make the front throw line. 

Sometimes actual placement needs some adjustment for the account of the thickness of hanging hardware.

Taking a suitable location

  • Before using all the tools you have to make sure that, choose a perfect and ideal location for your dartboard as the location is very crucial if you want to locate the best dartboard cabinet on your wall.
  • No cracks and obstructions should be in the general area because it creates difficulty in hanging.
  • You have to choose the relevant location that exists between the rooms or you can choose any other location that people may pass through very easily without hurting the dartboard cabinet.
  • If you want the clearance in your dartboard cabinet then the wall area needs a few spaces on both of the sides, it should be away from Windows, electrical boxes cabinets or any other things that may do not damage your dartboard cabinet.
  • Finally, you have to make sure that there is a distance of 2 feet between the throw line and the players, as it gives enough space to players in throwing their darts.

Ready the dartboard for hanging

Mostly the Dartboards and the cabinets come with easy to use hanger systems, as it provides you the benefit on hanging the walls. You can also take the help of these to mount up the dartboard cabinet on the wall. 

It has also come with other designs like fling and Bracket systems that you can easily mount off on your wall. When you buy the dartboard and the cabinet, it comes with proper instructions that may very useful for your brand.

Different Viper dartboard cabinets contain a different type of loops. Some dartboard contains a hanging loop attached at the top and some do not include the loops. 

If you are using the dartboard that already attached the lopes then you have to attach the 3 bumpers that already come with the dartboard and also take the help of screws. You can arrange it in a triangle or any other formation as you want, but make sure that you have to adjust it near the outer edges.

If your dartboard is of a new style that,then firstly you have to insert A Screw in the center hole, after that you have to put it in a relevant parameter, then you can easily hang the board cabinet on your wall.

Things required

How to hang a dartboard cabinet? All these things are required to hang the dartboard cabinet that you need to take. All beginners should call the professional if you do not understand how to hang. 

You make sure to try to a hangover when you understand all the facts of hanging the dartboard appropriately. If you still have any doubts, you can watch the tutorials to get assistance from a professional.

  • Measuring tape
  • Find stud
  • Dartboard and cabinet unit
  • Level
  • 2 1/2-inch wood screws
  • Force drill with long screw tip

Dropping on drywall: The basics

You have to hang your dartboard on the drywall because it is the best and stunning way to mount the board on the wall. The drywall works as the stud and stud will able to provide you the ample support and makes your dartboard very safe. 

If you want to mount a dartboard that contains 10 pounds or more than 10 pounds of weight, then you have to insert enough screws on the drywall. Only then you can hang your dartboard.

• You can use a stud finder, as it is very helpful to locate a stud in the selected area.

• You can use a pencil to mark the width and height of pilot holes through this you can hang perfectly your cabinet on the wall.

• After marking the position you can remove the bracket and have to drill the holes at those locations which you have previously marked. 

• Always use a bit narrow screws as a comparison to big screws because it takes very little space of your wall.

• At last, you can insert and tighten the screws that included in the mounting hardware.

Using wall anchors and toggle bolts

• If you are unable to mount the dartboard with the use of High wall anchors and toggle bolts then you can use the metal or plastic wall anchors, as these are very ideal and perfect to mount of the date board on the wall. But if you want to mount the dartboard on plaster walls then you have to use toggle bolts with the necessary and sufficient holding power. You have to use separate toggle Bolt for different holes as it makes your dartboard very impressive.

• You have to drill a hole into your walls if you want to insert a separate anchor for separate holes. Always check the instructions that would give on the package because this is very idle for your drill size.

• Pick hammer and push each anchor to open up the hole. You can skip this process if you are using a toggle bolt

• After pushing the halls to insert the screws into the respective holes to hang your dartboard on the mounting bracket. Wings and toggle should be in Arrow shape that was pointing up in the wall and make sure that these would away from the brackets.

• After doing this you have to tighten all the walls with the help of a screwdriver and you can hold the wings opposite side of your wall.

• Push your dartboard and cabinet into the relevant position on the wall. To do this process hold the dartboard close to the wall, then you can slide in the upward or download position according to your choice.

Now you can go through these ways of hanging the dartboard cabinet. All you need to focus on the information to hang the dartboard cabinet precisely.

Once you get the required equipment, you do not need to face any kind of problems to hang. You can collect all the information to hang the dartboard cabinet perfectly. 

Moreover, it becomes easy for you to entertain all the guests at home.

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