Height and Distance of Dartboard| Rules and Regulations

If you are a dartboard player then you must know that behind the success of a dart player there is a lot of effort and practice and another thing that plays an equal role is the selection of equipment.

You need to be extra careful while choosing the equipment of dart game and for that, you need the exact measurement of distance and height of a dartboard.

If you practice on a dartboard that is inaccurate in height than it means you are not appropriate for any professional tournament. If you want to go for any professional tournament then you must have an exact measurement of the height of dartboard and its distance from the throw line.

Height and distance of dartboard are set by dart regulatory authority that makes rule and regulation of dartboard game.  So in this article, you will get to know that what should be the idle height and distance of dartboard.

Dartboard Measurement

Dart Regulatory authority sets the standard rule and regulation for a dartboard game that states that the measurement of dartboard must be 18 inches in diameter that should be marked as a standard size. Although there can be some variation in this size but it should be the idle size for the dartboard that you purchase.

The standard international dartboard is termed as a clock board. Each segment has a doubled black ring on the outside perimeter of the scoring area. There will be a triple ring that works to show the double and triple of that number.

The bull-eye is covered with two different areas I.e. outer bull area (It is also known as a single bull area which scores 25) and inner bull area (It is known as the double bull area which scores 50)

Dartboard Rule and Regulation

The other thing that you want to know about the distance from your dartboard is kept under the category of rules and regulations. There are certain rules and regulations in this dartboard game and that is set by dart regulatory authority. It is obligated for every person to follow the rules and regulations in this game.

Dartboard Height

The height of the dartboard is set as 5 feet and 8 inches from the center of bull eyes.


 Your dartboard must be flush with your floor. It should not lean like a picture frame hanging in your house.


The location of your dartboard must be separate. It should be out of the family member’s reach. In other words, there should not be any interruption between the throw line and dartboard because the chances of risk will increase if you put in your drawing room.

Make sure that your room should be neat and clean and have enough space for some people to stand freely without any risk.  That room should be full of dartboard accessories so there should not be any other stuff because it will distract the concentration of the player. There must be good lighting in that room so that your dartboard can be clearly visible.

You should not place your dartboard near windows and other sensitive products and if your floor is made up of concrete and wood then you may also use dart mat that will definitely help you in protecting your floor.

Rules doesn’t matter if you are playing with your friends. You can make your own rules as long as your friends agree and everyone is enjoying the game. Says Owais Shah, Founder of Town Hustle

Distance between dartboard and throw line

Throwline is a line that is drawn on your floor and that you never cross while throwing a dart. You can make throw line according to your comfort, whether you can make it with tape or a piece of the marker.

If you are opting for bar then you should know that throw line is known as oche or hockey and it should be made or arrange one inch high and two feet long (Note: It can be more).

The best thing that can be used to make foot line is oche because it will stop your foot moment and allow you to throw your dart.

The distance between the throw line and dartboard varies as per the selection of dart.

If you are using steel tip dart then the idle distance is 7 feet 9 1/4 inches and if you are using soft tip dart then idle distance is 8feet.

“The distance for soft tip dart and steel tip dart vary because of the weight that dart carry”

Dartboard Protection

It is very necessary for a dartboard player to protect their dartboard for that you need to keep your dartboard in a dartboard cabinet so that your dartboard will last longer.

It is very necessary to keep your dartboard dry so always avid the touch of water.

How to check the accuracy of your measurement?

If you want to check the measurement of your dartboard that it is mounted at correct height or distance then you simply need to measure the diagonal line from oche to the center of the bull eye. The accurate measurement should be 293 cm long and if the distance is more or less then you need to place your dartboard in the right position.

How to set up a dartboard at your own

If you want to set a dartboard at your own you need to read official rules and regulations for the dartboard game but there also you may face some error like measurement of the distance between throw line and dartboard.

The accurate distance between throw line and dartboard is listed above so if you want to set up dartboard at your own then you need to check. If you follow the advice then you will able to set up dartboard easily.


The dartboard is the game of rules and regulation so you need to check all measurements and equipment before starting the career in this game. This article will help you to know the accurate measurement of height and distance of dartboard.

So if you like this information then you can share this article with your friends who recently started playing dartboard and need to know this valuable information.

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