10 Best Steel Tip Darts Reviews & Detailed Buying Guide [March 2020]

Best Steel Tip darts

The selection of equipments always play a major role in taking your gaming performance to the next level.

There are many people who neglect the importance of equipment and don’t pay much attention. The same thing happens in the selection of best steel tip dart as people don’t understand the importance of proper gripping, weight and balancing that helps them in becoming great thrower.

It is also very necessary that your dart must contain high-quality material that enhances durability.

After proper research, we have reviewed steel tip darts that will help in the selection of the most appropriate option according to your requirements. After that, we have added an in-depth buying guide that will help in proper knowledge regarding the selection and also refine your purchasing decision.

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Top 10 Best Steel Tip Darts Reviews (Expert’s Recommendation)

1. Viper Blitz Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

Viper Blitz steel tip dart

These darts are considered as one of the best steel tip darts because it is made up with 95% tungsten and 5% nickel and it is the foremost reason behind placing this dart on the number one position. When it comes to dart then tungsten is the most performing metal and if it is combined with 5% nickel (in this case). It creates a slim profile barrel and that makes it different from the darts that don’t contain these two metals.

Due to the higher amount of tungsten Viper Blitz dart perform faster and smoother than other darts in the market and that will help you in maximizing your scoring and also refine your dart throwing skills.

The other best thing about this dart is that no matter at which stage of the game you are wheater you are an intermediate player or advanced level player you will not face any issue regarding gripping and throwing the dart.

The dart is more durable than other darts at the same level of price and for a dartboard player, it is very necessary to avoid the dart breaking. So if you are a beginner and fed up with regular breaking of dart then this steel tip dart is the best available option in the market.

In order to make exceptional gripping each barrel in this dart set has strategically placed knurled band and deep groves. The Blitz dart is available in four different grip styles options that includes finely ringed, large knurl, 5 banded knurled and shark-finned. So if you face difficulty in gripping of the dart then Viper blitz tungsten dart will be the most suitable option for you

Dart comes with a rotation shaft system that will reduce the chances of deflection (rotates the flight after striking with dartboard). The size of this flight is bigger than other competitive darts and that makes the dart more steady and nice.

The quantity of tungsten increases the price of the dart by a few bucks but as it comes to experience and performance. Trust me! You will never regret it.

  • 95% Tungsten and 5% nickel added that improve the performance and durability of dart
  • Aluminium shaft for higher speed
  • It includes durable dart case to protect your dart
  • Suitable for all levels of player
  • Rotating Shaft will reduce the bounces
  • Dart include multiple weight options
  • Price is comparatively high than other darts

2. Viper Sinister 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Dart

Viper blitz steel tip dart

If you are a pro-level player then Viper Sinister dart is the best option for you because the only requirement of the pro-level player is the fast dart with no extra nonsense barrel and this dart is perfectly made keeping these two things in mind.

This is the best option for those who need the fast performance of a dart at an affordable price. Viper Sinister dart is comparable to Viper Blitz dart in terms of manufacturing, speed and performance.

The barrel comes with a smooth design that provides you gripping that enhances your control on the dart. It is made up of 95% tungsten and 5%nickel having a weight of 22 grams that is marked as perfect weight by experts. High tungsten quantity helps to fit more darts in a smaller area that will help to increase your score.

Other then that dart also features aluminum shafts that come with locking holes that will improve tightness and as a result, it improves the stability of dart that will help you in scoring.

Viper Sinister comes with a rotating feature that allows the dart to rotate if they get in touch with other darts.

This dart comes with a cutting edge fuse point technology that makes this design unique from other darts. Fuse point makes the connection between barrel and point and that eliminate deflection caused by the lips.

The package includes 3 convex nylon shafts, a dart mechanic tool and also includes 150 micro-thin dart flights that will enhance you for purchasing this dart.

So if you have not any issue with the non-textured design of the dart then trust me this dart will be a game-changing move in your dart game career.

  • 95% Tungsten that enhence the performance of dart
  • Best option for intermediate and pro player
  • Weight options available
  • Dart Includes an additional 3 convex nylon shaft and 150 Dart flights
  • Flight help to reduce drag and improve stability
  • High density and slim profile
  • High price issue

3. Ignat Games Steel Tip Darts Set

Ignat steel tip dart

If you are a beginner and looking for a dart that pushes your performance then Ignat Games professional Steel-tip dart is the most recommended option for you because these darts come with a nice thick barrel that will help you in easy throwing of the dart.

It comes with 12 darts set so you can practice until you become master in the dart game and other then this you will also get a darts sharpener to maintain the sharpness of your dart and also include one magnetic closure case that will help you to protect your dart in any situation.

Darts are fitted with rubber O-rings that help in avoiding loosening hand grip during the game and the aluminum shafts of the hammerhead darts are unbreakable that will ensure the durability of your dart.

It also includes one eBook to provide relevant information regarding rules and regulations and different ways of playing dart games.

Another best thing about Ignat dart is that its barrel is made up of brass and comes with a 50mm width that will provide the durability to your dart. So you will not get any issue of changing your dart in the initial days of your dart game career.

The weight of dart is 22 grams that is perfect according to professional players. So you dont need to worry about the balancing of your dart in the air.

Darts are amazing and the grip is very perfect that allows control on every throw. Price is slightly high but it is completely worth to spend on this pack.

If you want to gift a dart to your friend and then this Ignat dart set is the most preferred option for you as it suits every level of player wheater beginner or intermediate player.

The most amazing thing Ignat Games professional darts is that it is backed by Lifetime Warranty. So once you register online your darts steel tip set acquisition.

Dart comes with a unique design that suits every level player. These darts are comparatively durable that comes with a 3-year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee that will encourage you to try at least once. So if you are looking for a complete dart set then Ignite dart is the best option for you.

  • Best Option for begginer and casual player
  • The brass barrel features a knurled pattern
  • Comes with magnetic closure case
  • Perfect weight options available
  • Comes with free e book and dart sharpener
  • Ignat provide lifetime warrenty if you register online
  • It doesn’t include brass barrel
  • Not easy to maintain

4. CUESOUL Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set

CUESOUL 95% Tungsten dart

CueSoul steel tip dart is the most popular name in the dart industry. They are well known for their quality and performance.

It is the most reviewed dart by professional dart players. The best thing about this dart is that it can find anywhere on the earth because of its popularity and brand awareness.

This dart is mainly used by professional dart players so the person who has not a proper knowledge of this game or started their gaming career will face a little difficulty in handling and throwing the dart.

It is made up of 95% tungsten and the shuffle of the dart is made up of anodized aluminum that make dart more durable.

Dart comes with many weight options i.e. 26, 28, 30 grams. So you can choose any one size according to your comfort.

The reason behind its popularity is that the barrel of dart has 11 hand printed rings that are grooved and also comes with 4 small knurled grip that helps in maintaining the consistency and balancing while throwing the dart.

The dart is made up of anodized aluminum shaft that helps to add the durability of the dart and maintain the performance of dart for a very long time.

The manufacturer of the dart gives proper time in deciding the length and diameter of the dart and as a result, it is perfect in order to maintain accuracy and increasing stability to a dart.

The price of the dart is fare as it includes 6 Anodized Aluminum Shafts and 6 Slim Flights for the Fast-flying Dart experience and it also allows the Tail to Stay Low and other than that it also includes one supreme quality dart case that will help you in protecting your dart.

So if you want a dart that never degrades your gaming performance at an affordable price then CUESOUL Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set is the best option for you!

  • 95% tungsten barrel insures the durability of dart
  • Deluxe box insure safety of darts
  • Best option for professional players
  • weight options available
  • Dart include 6 Anodized Aluminum Shafts and 6 Slim Flights
  • Perfect diameter and length
  • Not recommended for beginners

5. Ohuhu National Flag Stainless Steel Tip Darts


This dart is perfect for those who don’t want to spend much amount on dart or play this game casually. For beginners, it is a good option to consider.

Dart is designed with high-quality stainless steel tip and PVC shaft and comes with skid-proof grain that gives proper grip on the dart that will help you to improve your game.

The dimension of this dart is 14.2*2.8*2.8cm that is mentioned as a perfect dimension for a dart. This dart comes with many patterns. You can choose according to your choice and preference.

The weight of the dart is 17g that makes it easy to throw and achieve the desired target. The entire body of the dart is detachable and the body of the dart is made up of PVC material that ensure the durability of your dart.

The dart has a unique skid-proof grain on the copper barrel that gives you a firm grip on the dart and on your reign it will give you the feel of ultimate darts champion.

Ohuhu Tip Darts will be a good option for you if you to work with any type of dartboard no matter whether you have an electronic dartboard or tradition dartboard also. It comes with a 30-day replacement warranty that will initiate your purchasing decision if you are choosing it for the very first time.

The Detachable dart parts of dart help you to easily switch out parts which seem a little rusty. So you can mold the dart according to your preference and ease.

The best thing about this dart is that it comes with different color options and that makes it more attractive. So if you are a person who wants to play your darts with your friends on a casual basis then Ohuhu National Flag Stainless Steel Tip Darts is the best option to go with!

  • Best option to consider for begginer
  • It comes with ultimate carry beg to take your dart anywhere you want
  • It Comes with 6 extra pvc dart rods
  • Colorfull options available
  • Perfect weight options available
  • Made up with high quality stainless steel dart tip
  • Doesn’t contain brass barrel

6. Bottelsen Hammer Head Darts

Bottelsen is a well-named face in the dart industry and mainly known for its quality. The dart performs excellently in terms of gripping and balancing.

This dart will help you in maintaining a proper finger gripping and also to release the dart in a proper manner.

The profile of the dart is thin and that’s the reason it is one of the most selected options by professionals in the dart game.

If we talk about outer appearance then it comes with a close grouping that helps the dart to look great and that’s another reason behind its best selling tag.

The price of the dart is much affordable. So if you are starting your career in the dart and have a low amount of budget then also you can buy this dart.

The package includes 3 dart sets and extra flights. It also includes an extra-large case that helps to protect them and other dart accessories like flight and shaft and make it easy to carry your dart with you anywhere you want.

So if you want a dart that will make a proper balance in your finger space and also maintain a proper balance in the air then this Bottelsen is the perfect option for sure.

  • Brand is famous for its dart performance and quality
  • Help to maintain the gripping and balance
  • Affordable price
  • Dart contain extra large case that help to maintain other dart accessories
  • Dart is made up with 90% tungsten barrel
  • Best choice for intermediate and pro player
  • Price is slightly high

7. CC-Exquisite Professional Darts Set

CC-Exquisite Professional Darts Set

If you are looking for a dart that provides all the features but in low budget then CC- Exquisite Professional Dart is one of the most recommended options for you.

Another thing about CC-Exquisite Professional Darts Set is that you have the possibility of choices from that you can experiment and discover the right configuration of this game and that’s the thing that will take your game to the very next level.

No matter whether you are beginner, intermediate or expert, This dart will provide you batter gripping and balance between the fingers that will help to achieve your target.

The makers of this dart pay proper attention while making the barrel, flight and other accessories of the dart and that’s why the length and size of the dart is perfect.

Another important reason behind placing this dart in the best list is that it provides the various options for a setup like a shaft, flight, and length of the dart. So you can assemble your dart as per your convenience and also you can track your performance by putting each set.

This option was provided by the company to refine and check the best-suited options of a player. There are many patterns of a player that suits him most. This dart helps to make sure that what suits a player best.

So if you want to play for a very long time and want to refine your gaming performance then CC-Exquisite Professional Darts Set is a worth buying option for you.

  • Provide choices to experiment and discover right configeration
  • Provide perfect gripping and balance
  • It comes with an affordable price
  • Dart set will help to find a set-up that you feel comfortable with
  • Best choice for beginners and intermediate level players
  • The dart is light weighted
  • Exclude brass barrel

8. KO Steel Tip Tungsten Darts with Case

KO tungsten dart is another great recommendation in our buying list.

The dart includes everything that will take you game to the next level. It is a perfect option for two-players. The high-quality steel tip will keep your dart safe and secure.

The dart comes in a unique and catchy design and along with that high-quality steel will provide the durability to this dart.

If you are an intermediate player then you will love the comfortable gripping points that will help in getting a perfect throw.

It includes a stylish dart case that will protect your dart from damaging and also act as a guard for dust and moisture and improve your performance.

Along with that, it also includes a dart sharpening tool that will keep your dart sharp and eliminate the expenses of repurchasing.

  • Provide Premium steel quality
  • Includes stylish case
  • Easy to carry
  • Perfect for tournament
  • Easy and Comfortable gripping
  • High price then other darts

9. Target Darts Carrera Titanium

If you want to attain the highest accuracy in this game then Target Darts is the most convenient option to go with.

The darts are made from 90% tungsten that proves the strength and builds quality. Along with this, the darts contain a weight of 21g with a fine gripping that helps in handling and throwing the dart properly.

It comes with a locked shaft and flights but it provided the option of choosing the flights according to your choice and preference. The dart provides great throwing experience and that’s why it is recommended by professional players.

The best part is that the dart doesn’t target a fixed category of players as it can be used by both beginners and professional players. The barrel of dart comes with a lifetime warranty that gives the appropriate reason to try this dart for once.

  • Fine professional grade gripping
  • 95% tungsten
  • Highly durable option
  • Affordable price
  • The weight of dart is light

10. Whimlets Steel Tip Darts Set

If you are new in this game then this can prove to be a good alternative for you.

The dart comes with a highly affordable price that even beginners will not face any issue in buying this dart set. It includes professional-grade tips that will boost the gaming experience and increase the accuracy of your throw.

The dart is most preferred for the beginners and intermediate players as it includes a great balance of gripping and weight that is very easy to handle for a newbie.

The package includes 12 aluminum shafts and six brass barrels along with steel tips along with fine gripping that sets proper control over the dart. The catchiest thing about this dart is that it comes with O-rings that will help in the maintenance of the dart so you don’t need to tighten them up in-between the match.

In addition, it includes a carry case that protects your dart from any damage and also helps to carry anywhere along with you.

  • It comes with case that protects your dart
  • High quality tip
  • great gripping
  • Included O rings
  • Affordable option
  • Not a recommended option for professionals

Buying Guide

So here is the detailed buying guide for you that will answer every single question that comes in your mind during the selection of steel tip dart.

Why you should choose steel tip dart?

The very first reason to use steel dart tips is that when this game was invented then people started using steel dart tips. So if you are a person who wants traditional touch in this game then it is better to prefer steel dart tips.

Another reason behind using a steel dart tip is that these darts have batter balance and chances to attain accurate target is higher because these darts are heavier than soft tips dart.

Steel tip darts are more durable then soft tips dart because these darts are made up of steel and very hard to break and on the other hand soft tip darts can break easily due to the material used in them. So if you want to use darts for a friendly match or travel with darts then steel tip darts is a good option.

Things to Consider While Buying Steel Tip Darts

Dart game need a lot of skill and while purchasing any equipment. Not every dart is perfect. There are many such factors like material, type, weight, and length that make a dart best. So here you will get to know about such factors that you have to keep in mind while buying steel tip darts.


A Dart is made of four parts I.e. point, barrel, shaft, and flight. So materials used in these parts are different so instead of a dart, you have to know about different materials used in different parts.

Point: Point can be made up of steel or plastic but it is better to have a steel point because it is more durable and helps to maintain the accuracy of your game.
Barrel: Barrel is generally made up of many materials such as silver, nickel, and brass. Tungsten is the strongest material so it is suggested to have tungsten in the barrel.
Shaft: Shaft can be made up of any material but nylon, plastic, and aluminum are common. If you want a stronger shaft then aluminum is a good option.
Flight: Flight can be made up of plastic or nylon. So they both are good, you can prefer any of them according to your choice.


The weight of a steel tip dart is depended upon player’s choice. Some player chooses light steel tip dart and others choose heavier steel tip dart. Generally, steel darts weight is between 25 to 50 grams. It depends on your style and technique.

Both lighter and heavier steel tip darts have their own advantages as lighter darts can throw easily without applying many efforts and on the other heavier darts allows you to feel where you actually want to throw.


Length affects the balance of a dart. Although people prefer both sizes smaller and larger depending upon the choice. It is better to prefer a smaller size dart. It allows the best experience in the air because of the smaller size it makes proper balance and helps to attain your target.

In order to make a proper grip on your dart, it is better to try both shorter and longer size dart because it is very important that the size of the dart should be longer than your hands.

Dart Barrel Shape

The shape of a barrel is the most important factor to concern with length and weight. There are a number of barrel shapes that will increase and decrease the area covered by the barrel.

Beginners prefer pencil shape dart, on the other hand, professional players prefer center loaded or tapered ends. It depends upon the pattern of throwing and level of experience. Some people prefer teardrop style with the front-loaded barrel. Here the front of the barrel is weighted and the rear is tapered.

If you hold darts from the front then go with front-loaded barrel shape and if you hold barrel from back then rear weighted designed dart will be a good option.

Grip of Dart

The best way to check grip is to check out all by throwing one by one. It is marked as the best way because pattern and style of throwing darts vary person to person so there is not any rule of thumb but there is something that is common and you must consider while checking grip of a dart.

Small dart is preferred over long darts as smaller darts are easy to grip and if you are using a three-point grip then front-loaded dart is a good option. For throwing narrow barrel darts lighter grip is recommended. Some people have large hands so for those it is better to have a dart with a large barrel.

Types of Point

Steel tips come with different points and this makes the barrel different from others. Points can be fixed or movable. You can choose any of them depending on your choice.

Fixed point darts are budget-friendly because they are traditionally designed on other hand movable point darts are much expensive and allows to retract easily as it comes in contact with a dartboard.

Dart Barrel Material

The barrel is the part of the dart that will be held by a person during the throwing process. The barrel is made up of material like tungsten, silver, brass, and nickel. Professional players generally use tungsten while playing.

Tungsten is very dense and it needs a barrel with less circumference to hit your target. This is the reason mostly steel tip darts are made up of tungsten.

Dart Shaft

It is the area that connects the barrel to flight. Its thickness and length affect the balance of a dart. Aluminum is recommended if you want to make the balance of your dart and also wants to make dart more durable.

Dart Flights

The end portion of your steel tip dart is known as flight (also known as wings of a dart) and this comes with many colors, design, shape options. The shape and size of a flight directly affect the performance of a dart.

Although you can choose the design and length according to your personal preference. Traditional designs such as kite and Pear can be a good option.

Sharpening Steel Tip Darts

If you are buying a steel dart tip then it is very necessary to maintain the shape of your dart. It is very necessary to maintain point shape. It will directly harm your gaming performance. Darts need to sharpen as often as you feel. There is not any specific time period it depends upon the use of dart.

FAQ Section

Q-1. Can I change the tip from steel to soft?

Yes, you can change the tip of your dart but it basically depends upon the type of your dart. In simple words, if the weight of your dart is heavy i.e. between 50g-70g then it is not possible to switch on the other hand, if the weight is between 20g-30g then you can easily switch the tip.

The other thing that affects the process is that your dart must include the removable points that allow the change.

2. What is the importance of the weight of dart in perfect throwing?

The weight affects the accuracy of your dart throw but it is not the thumb rule. The choice of weight varies from person to person as some people choose 20-30g dart for perfect throw, on the other hand, some prefer 40g-50g.

There are many people who assume that the heavier dart is very easy to throw but it is not accurate always. The only thing matter is the intensity and speed of throwing your dart so if you throw hard then you must prefer a light dart and if you throw light then you must prefer heavy dart.

3. What is the exact duration for sharpening steel tip dart?

The maintenance of dart is the most important thing in order to maintain your gaming performance. There are no fixed time criteria for sharpening your dart as it basically depends upon the regularity of your game but it is batter to shape up your dart once in a month.

The best way to check the sharpness of the dart is by rubbing your finger around the dart tip and if you feel burrs that means your dart needs the maintenance.

Final Verdict

So we have covered each and everything regarding steel tip dart. So after these detail reviews and guide, now you get to know that there are a variety of steel tip dart in the market and also many things that you must consider while buying like material, type, and height.

Performance in this game depends upon the quality of steel tip dart. In order to increase your gaming performance, you must consider these reviews and if you find this article worthy then don’t forget to share with your friends who are willing to buy new steel tip dart.

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