5 Best Soft Tip Darts (Reviews and Buying Guide) 2019

Best Soft Tip Darts

Dart game is most popular among many countries. Dart plays an important role in this game because all game is dependent upon the quality of dart and to improve your skills and gaming performance you need proper accessories. So it becomes very important to choose the best soft tip dart.

Soft dart tips comes with a lot of qualities and you have to choose dart tip according to your play level. It helps to increase accuracy and targeting and helps to make the best player. In earlier days people use wooden dart but due to technological advancement, there are a lot of changes came in this game.

According to professionals, their experience in spending soft tips darts is just mind-blowing. Some expert even suggests that it is very important to chooses dart tips for a new player because if you choose a wrong dart tip initially it will destroy your accuracy level and dedication towards this game.

So without taking more time, here you will get to know about the best dart tips review and all related information that will help you while buying soft dart tips.

Bottelsen Skinny 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Dart
Arachnid 80%/90% Tungsten 18 grams Soft Tip Dart
WinMax 80% 90% Tungsten Darts
Viper Atomic Bee Soft Tip Darts

Reviews of 5 Best Dart Tips (Our Picks)

1. Bottelsen Skinny Tungsten Soft Tip Dart

Tungsten soft tip dart

This dart tip is recommended by experts and if you want a good dart tip that gives best performance and gaming experience then this Bottelsen Skinny 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Dart will be a good option for you.

Talking about material then this dart is made up of 90% tungsten that makes this dart different from others. Experts used this dart because of the high amount of tungsten used and this is the most preferred things by experts while choosing dart.

Quality of this dart is outstanding. It keeps barrel narrow that allow passing tight grouping. There are three types of grips on barrels i.e. knurled, grooved and ringed. This Bottelsen Skinny 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Dart is perfect for fresher and pro player. This dart comes with a deluxe case that allows keeping your darts safe and secure from any damage.

Final decision: If you are a beginner and want to improve your game then this dart will be a good choice for you.

Best Amazon Review: I’ve bought many Darts from this company over the years you will not be disappointed in any of their products.

Pros and Cons of Bottelsen Skinny 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Dart

  • Super Quality
  • Perfect grip
  • Light weighed
  • Case is not much stronger



This is a tungsten barrel dart that allows the best gaming experience. This is mostly recommended for all level of players and for a beginner it will help you to improve your gaming level day-by-day. This dart is made up of high-quality tungsten that helps to make this dart more rotational.

Gripping of this dart made all the difference as it makes you comfortable while throwing it. Perfect grip will boost energy, feel and flow of dart. Talking about design, then this dart provides a great design that catches real fun while playing the game.

Final Decision: If you are looking a dart that provides you best gaming experience and improve your gaming skill With affordable price then this viper diamond 90% tungsten soft tip dart will be a good option for you.

Best Amazon Review: Great darts!!! Great buy!!! I’m glad that I purchased these!! They also arrived very fast. You can’t go wrong with these darts.

Pros and Cons of Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten soft tip darts

  • Well Balanced
  • Great grip
  • Unique Case
  • Not suitable for professional players
  • weight options are very less

3. Arachnid Soft Tip Dart (Amazon’s Choice)


We reviewed this dart after watching many people satisfaction. Some people say that they find a massive improvement after using this dart. This comes with 3 darts and a case to maximize your gaming experience. This comes with arachnid(barrel diameter) and small size.

Its small size allows tighter grouping. This dart is made up of 90% tungsten that helps to hold the weight of similar darts. If you are a “lobber” then you might want to switch the flight to the standard size and get a heavier dart. It is more durable and if you use this carefully it will allow to boost your gaming experience and also this dart comes with a very affordable price that everyone can purchase this with any budget.

Final decision: If you want a durable option and generally used to play with friends then this is a good option for you.

Best Amazon review: Love these darts. We bought an older standing dartboard from a local bar and wanted a nice (but semi-inexpensive) set of darts to play with–these are awesome! The flights are super secure and rarely come off/break on us. The 18 grams feels perfect and is just heavy enough for us. Try these out, they are our favorite set to date.

Pros and Cons of Arachnid 80%/90% Tungsten 18 grams Soft Tip Dart

  • One year warrenty option
  • Idle weight
  • Thinner and effective darts
  • Smaller then other
  • Design is not much attrective

4. WinMax Darts


WinMax 80% 90% Tungsten Darts comes with very handy gripping points and deliver good experience while playing. You can use this dart while playing with your friends or in a tournament. This dart is very lightweight(16/18 gram) that allow dart to throw in a straight line and it helps beginners.

Its design makes one of the most selling tungsten darts. The softer part provides uniqueness while playing on the electronic dartboard. This dart comes with PET design that will boost your speed and balance so that you can easily hit your target. This dart is a good option for regular players and for people who prioritize durability.

Final Decision: If you are a pro player and wants to improve game performance so this dart is recommended due to its lightweight.

Best Amazon review: The barrel had a good feel to it. The weight is perfect. Although the case is kind of on the cheap side, I can deal with. Overall, the dart is what matters and I’m totally satisfied with them

Pros and Cons of WinMax 80% 90% Tungsten Darts

  • Made for every level player
  • 1 year money back guarantee
  • Unique design
  • Limited weight option
  • Case is small

5. Viper Atomic Bee Soft Tip Darts

Viper Automic

Viper provides a very great experience in a dart game. Barrels of this dart is the most important thing to consider. These are broader than others and also colored that makes this dart more attractive. It combines knurled band and rings(hand painted) and antislip coating that provide grip to this dart.

This dart is made up with aluminum that helps to increase the durability of this dart and if you are like one-time investor then defiantly this Viper Atomic Bee Soft Tip Darts will be a good option for you. This dart comes with a 2D holographic design that helps to make your dart more unique and attractive.

Final Decision: If you want a dart that looks unique and easy to grip then this is a good option for you.

Best Amazon Review: Just tested them out. Shot 9 times and got 2 bullseyes (on purpose). That’s a personal record. And they’re beautiful. The ladies were going crazy. I’m suddenly sexy. Best midlife crisis purchase. Better than the Porsche.

Pros and Cons of Viper Atomic Bee Soft Tip Darts

  • Light weighted
  • It has antislip coating
  • Affordable price
  • These darts are not much durable
  • Only 3 Darts included in pack

Factors to consider while buying soft dart tips

A single decision will decrease your performance in dartboard game so you should be aware of each and every aspect of this game and choosing best soft tip dart is not an easy task there are many things that you should consider while buying soft dart tip.


It is important to check the material used in dart because the material is directly related to durability and your gaming experience.

Tungsten is the most preferred material that is used by both beginner and a professional player. Higher the percentage of tungsten barrel leads to better performance. There are some other materials that are commonly used in barrels like plastic, aluminum and carbon fiber. You can use any of them according to your use and level.

Dart Weight and Balance

Weight preference may differ from person to person. There is not any perfect weight but it is assumed that a typical weight range of soft tip is 18 gram to 32 gram. According to experts its good to purchase a barrel with weight around 22 grams.

Size and style of Flights

Wings of the dart are known as flight and it plays a very important role in game performance. Generally, the barrel comes in two sizes I.e. standard size and slim size.

Standard size allows stabilizing the path of your dart in-between moments from leaving your hands to the moment when it hits to board. People mostly purchase a dart with standard size

Slim size is smaller and lighter than standard size. This type of dart is used by the players with the straight or fast throw.

Grip and overall shape

The grip of dart makes a throw best. It is the grip that makes a major difference in choice and also the first consideration of a pro player. Mostly dry hands suit rougher grip that helps to throw dart easily.


So now you know all the necessary information regarding soft tip dart. It will help you to choose the best soft tip dart. Make sure to consider all the above factors while buying. These things will help you increase your skills and performance. At last, it’s your decision that matters most because comfort, color choice, and grip vary person to person.

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