Best Dart Scoreboard to Buy in 2020 [Reviews & Guide]

Best Dart Scoreboard

In the game of darts, the winner decided on the scored points but it is a very challenging task for a player to track the score and play at the same time. In that case, the chance of making calculation mistakes or cheating is quite high so you need the best dart scoreboard that will track the record automatically.

There are different kinds of scoreboards available in the market so it becomes a little difficult to choose the best alternate. So let’s have a look at the reviews of best-performing dart scoreboards.

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Types of Dart scoreboard

There are 5 types of dart scoreboard that we have described below.

Electronic scoreboard

This is the modern type of scoreboard and most popular among players. In this, you can digitally track the score of darting to keep the scoring fair. They will come with large LCD and lots of buttons to records scores and have any types of gaming score recording functions.

Semi- digital scoreboard

In this type, you will get glass smooth surface and there is the light that will make the screen brightness with the pen you can write your score. It will increase the visibility of scores.

Dry erase scoreboard

This is the simplest and traditional method to track scoring for darting. Here you will get a whiteboard with all permanent necessary labeling.

The dry erase marker you can record the score of darting and other games. It is a good option for a beginner.

Traditional chock scoreboard

In this board, you will get a rough surface board and you can write a score with the help of a chock stick. Although, it is not the most common type of scoring it is trending these days.

Which one is best in the online dart scoreboard and offline dart scoreboard?

The choice of choosing the best alternate totally based upon your personal choice and preference but in this, technologically advanced era, it is quite better to choose online scoreboard as it makes our work easy with the help of mobile applications.

If you don’t want to push the budget then it is better to choose dry and erase scoreboard that comes at a low price and perfectly helps to track the record although, it is little time consuming to work on the offline scoreboard. So you can choose any one of them depends upon your use and ease.

7 Best dart scoreboards (our choice)

1. Viper ProScore Digital Dart Scorer

best electronic & digital dart socreboard

This is electric dart scorer is made by viper and they are the industry specialist in darting product. they know what they are doing.

if you are finding a best digital dart scorer that full fill all your dart scoring then this will be an amazing option for you. With this scoreboard you can record score unto 8 players this single feature enough to purchase it.

For scoring, it will allow you to choose 40 games and gives you 655 game option and even you can set custom handicaps for scoring. There a lot of options make it special and stand apart from other scoreboards in the market.

It will come with a large LCD screen you can see the score even from throw line and large display record lots of information together in many section and give every record of the score.

Although it is electric board it run on 3 AA batteries and you will not get any ac adapter to run it however battery are enough to run it and they will run for months. Further i will come with sleep mode and auto off mode to save the battery power.

The soft keypads allow easy and clear operation. It is the best choice in the market for dart scoring

2. Viper Illumiscore Scoreboard

modern dart scoreboard

This modern and most stylish light up dartboard scoreboard is very unique product in the market for scoring. It is great alternative to messy chalk and dull dry erase marker. This scoreboard use efficient -lightning that gives you a bright and beautiful look to score board and a better vision to dart scoring.

The light is so bright that it will gives you a clear view of score in an intense daylight and. It will have a very smooth surface which allow easy writing and scoring. To remove it score you can simply wipe with dry cloth.

With this dartboard score you will get two grease pencils to write the score and also get a mounting hardware that will help you to fix scoreboard over the wall without whopping and hassle easily.

It is durable electric score board that will run on 4 AA Battery and you can also you adapter to power it.

These a most stylish scoreboard and gives you extra ordinary experience of darting. It will come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty which further ensure it’s quality and durability.

3. Viper Dry Erase Scoreboard

best traditional dry erase scoreboard

Believe me this viper dry erase will let you to fall in love with it. this traditional dart board is liked for its scoring effectiveness and simplicity. Stylish and design is not every think. Some tie you just need simple scoreboard to keep track of your score.

It will used for both cricket and dart games to keep score recorded. Its smooth surface allow you to work with all kind of dry erase markers and easily remove with eraser tip.

It will come with a dry erase marker with an eraser tip to write and remove the score from the scoreboard easily.

To be true with you the bad things about this marker are that it complete junk and will not work properly and stain your scoreboard so here we recommended do not use a marker that comes with this scoreboards try any other dry erase marker. Some time it acceptable such cons with affordable price.

You will get a mounting hardware with this that will allow you to easy installation your score board on wall or wood cabinet.

If you are looking simple traditional dart scoreboard then this will be great option for you.

4. Piero Lorenzo Magnetic Dry Erase Scoreboard

best dry erase scoreboard

Well this is similar to previous dry erase score board but in some aspect it is unique from previous dart scoring board that we will discuss later. With is dartboard you can record your for both cricket and 01 darting games.

Some time at beginner and intermediate level of darting we just need a simple dry erase dart scoreboard with its all necessary labeling of scoring. So we have picked up a budget friendly simple piero lorenzo dry erase scoreboard.

It has a smooth surface with all necessary labeling of scoring and compatible with all kind of dry erase marker. This is the simplest scoreboard you ever need.

This will come with a magnetic base sticker that will allow you to simply install it on any place special if you get metallic surface then you just place over it. It will also let you change the scoreboard location easily.

You will not get a marker tray with it but it just OK, however, you can buy a marker that has a magnetic cap.

5. Scoremaster Chalk Dart Scoreboard

ScoreMaster Dart scoreboard

This is another best-recommended dart scoreboard in our bucket list.

This scoreboard is great in build quality as it is made up of hard plastic that gives durability.

It allows both chalk and chalk markers to write so you can choose according to your choice and preference.

The scoreboard comes in a perfect size I.e. 15.5 & 11.5 that is nor too small and not too large.

The best thing about the scoreboard is that it comes with a wood tray that is attached to the scoreboard that gives the convenience of dropping your chalk or marker after writing on the scoreboard.

6. Viper DigiScore Digital Dart Scorer

It is another great recommendation in our top-performing product list.

It includes LCD monitor that allows hosting the match of 8 players at a single time and tracking the performance by numeric digits. The performance and build quality of the scorer is quite high.

The best thing about the product is that it comes with auto on and off features that save your battery while not in use. So if you a beginner and want to professionalize your game with proper equipment then this dare scorer will be a perfect solution for you.

7. Viper Light Up Scoreboard

It is the multipurpose scoreboard that can track the performance of dart and cricket games. The scoreboard comes in a black modern look that makes it more attractive and catchy.

You can modify the score using a dry erase marker and chalk. It is designed with technology that shows a clear display even in the daytime. You will be amazed by the smooth surface to ensure easy writing and erasing.

The package includes 2 grease pencils along with mounting hardware. If you want proper functioning of scorer then use it with 4AA batteries.

Buying Guide

Buying a dart scoreboard is not easy. You have to look for several things while buying a dart scoreboard. So here we have mentioned the list of things that you need to consider while buying a dart scoreboard so that you can choose the best available product in the market.

Things you should consider while buying a dart scoreboard

There is no particular scoreboard that is best. It basically depends on the use, budget and specific needs that you prefer at the time of purchasing.

However, you should look at the listing below while choosing a scoreboard for darting.

Type of scoreboard

This is the most important factor you should look at, what type of board you are looking for there are various type of scoreboard available in the market like electric dart scoreboard, dry-erase scoreboard, online dart scoreboard app, and chowk dart scoreboard.

If you are looking simple dart scoreboard then you should choose a dry erase scoreboard. If you are looking cheapest or free-scoring solution for darting then you could choose chock scoreboard or look some android dart scoring app.

For premium, stylish and professional dart scoreboard then you should try electric or digital scoreboard for a better experience of darting.


You must check the price of the scoreboard before buying it and make sure that it is in your budget and you can afford it. If you buying online then you should check the rating and review of the product on an online eCommerce site like Amazon.

Functional feature

Check the types of game you can score with your scoreboard and ensure will you get all types of necessary labeling on it for the purpose of record scoring.

No. of player

Make sure and always check how many players score the dart scoreboard and track. Always buy scoreboard that can track the scoring of 4 to 8 players.


We hope this detailed guide and reviews will help to purchase the best available option in the market. It is recommended to must read the guide before shopping.

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