5 Best Dart Mat To Protect Your Floor and Dart (2020 Reviews)

Best Dart Mat

Everybody makes a mistake. No one is the perfectionist. Whenever a player throws a dart it is not necessary that every time Dart takes on the right target. So to protect your floor it is necessary to buy the best dart mats.

Here you will get to know about how to choose the best dartboard mat and why you need it. Also, we will review the 5 best dartboard mats.

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5 Best Dart Mats (Our Picks)

There are several aspects to consider while choosing the dart mats. So keeping these aspects in mind and asking from several dartboard game experts here are some in-depth reviews of best dartboard mat.

1. ZAAP Heavy Duty Throw Line Rubber Dart Mat

Zaap Dart Mat

This mat is best for professional use. Zaap mate is an option to consider if you are looking for good quality at an affordable price.

This mat came with 4 oche lines that have high visibility. While having a competitive or friendly match, all distances are clearly drawn. The distance of lines is 7’6”, 7, 9.25, 8, and 8’6”.

Due to the high rubber quality, this mate will provide the best floor protection. If you are playing with steel darts, then also this mat will help to pair with weight and keep it on the place.

The folded dimension is 24.5*5*5 and after you lay this mat on the floor the dimension is 118*24.5*0.1 inches. This mat is very compact and rolls smoothly if you want to keep it somewhere after the game.

  • Durable mat
  • It doesn’t move easily after placing once
  • It provides four different throw lines
  • Easy to roll after use
  • Rubber smells in starting days

2. Viper Padded Throw/Toe Line Dart Mat (Steel and Soft Tip Darts)

Viper Dart Mat

People who are playing dartboard game then they prefer viper mat mostly. This mat is made up of vinyl which is a close substitute for rubber and if compare to rubber then there are very high chances that you prefer vinyl over the rubber.

It has the heavy-duty feel and nonslip properties that are good points to consider if you are choosing the best dartboard mat. It protects the floor from falling darts. Toe lines are imprinted on mats that give a realistic touch to this mat show distance for both steel and soft tip dart.

The accurate distance for soft tip dart is 96” and 93-1/4″ for steel tip dart and dimension of the mat is 117″ L x 24″ W x 1/4″ D. So it can be folded easily and also you can place it wherever you want.

If you are looking for a thick dartboard mat then this is the best option you can get. Having these good things this product is not so affordable option. But this is probably a one-time investment then it is recommended to purchase this product.

  • Made up with soft vinyl
  • Heavy duty and durable material
  • Easy to roll after use
  • Price is relatively high
  • Due to slipy surface it can move

3. Dart World Let’s Play Darts Dart Mat

Dart world dart mat

If you are looking for a mat that is perfect for both home and tournaments then Dart World Let’s Play Darts Dart Mat will be a perfect choice for you.

The oche line is highly visible and made for use with both soft and steel tip dart.

It claims as to the thickest dartboard mat with having a 3-millimeter thickness. This mat will come with a dimension of  32 x 6 x 6 inches that acts as a guard for your floors.

It comes with a non-slip surface that doesn’t allow the mat to move in the middle of your game.

  • Perfect for home and tournament use
  • Doesn’t move between game
  • Price is relatively high
  • Thick enough to protect floor from steel darts

4. XQ Max Check-Out Dart Mat


XQ max is another best-recommended dart mat in our bucket list.

It is a simply designed dart mat that will protect your floor from missed shots. The catchiest thing about this dart mat is that it is made up of most durable fling sling with nonslip latex underside that will provide support to this mat.

The distance line on the mat is complied according to official tournaments and it can be used for both soft and steel tip dart.

So if you are looking for an alternative that will protect the tip of your dart and make them last longer than it is the option to go with.

  • Protects your dart from missed shots
  • Made up with most durable fling sling
  • Best option for professional tournaments
  • Non slippy
  • Not recommended for pubs and clubs

5. Winmau Xtreme Heavy Duty Dart Mat

Winmau Dart mat

Winmau is the most popular brand in the dart industry and mainly known for its strong build quality. This dart mat is made up of heavy-duty rubber that will maintain the tip of your dart.

Although the price of this mat is a little high if we compare the features and quality then it is worth to buy. The dart mat is suitable for both home and official tournaments so you can use it anywhere you want.

So if you want to add on professionalism in your dart game then it is the most need thing to buy for you.

  • Made up with heavy duty rubber
  • Premium build quality
  • Suitable for both home and tournaments
  • Price is comparitively high

Why you need a dart mat?

Some people don’t realize the importance of a dartboard mat. They think that it is complementary equipment for dart games. So here we will get to know that why dart mat is important.

Protection of Floor                       

No one wants that a dart tips gouge destroy your floor. It takes a good amount of money in repairing your floor. So it is better to protect your floor from darts and that’s how to dart floor mat came into existence. The dartboard floor mat helps to protect the floor and keeps your play area in the primal condition.

Protection of Dart

After a single ‘bounce out’ there are high chances of damaging your dart tips and it is not economical to change your dart set every time. So to protect your darts it is necessary to use dartboard mat.

Toe line

It is very important in dart games to follow rules and regulations. Sometimes a piece of tape is not enough to mark through the line.

Some of these aspects are when you want to change your play are or when you want to make this game more professional. If you want to make this game fair then having the best dartboard mat is a good idea.

Types of dart mats

Dartboard mats came with different quality, price, and durability. If you want great quality then you need to pay some extra amount for that. So based upon this there are several types of dartboard mat. You can choose according to your choice.

Home Dart Mats

These mats generally came with a low price tag although the quality is not much higher, but satisfactory. Since the use of a home dart mat is competitively low so there are high chances that it must have high durability.

Industrial/commercial Dart Mats

These mats come with high quality. There are higher chances of durability. These mats don’t curl easily and also used to make this game more professional.

Things to consider while purchasing dart mat

After reading these detailed reviews its time to know about the things that you must consider before buying any dart mat or what things we consider before selecting these mats.

Material used

Material is a point to consider that mat is made up with what kind of material for that there are some points to measure material quality


Make sure that foam used in mat must be of thick and having high density so that it can provide protection to your floor.


These mats are made with foot traffic in mind preferred for all public areas. It is used at the place of rubber sometimes.


Rubber is universally adopted. So it is a perfect solution for your floor as the dart cannot pass the thickness of rubber.

Non-Slip design and Surface compatibility

It is very important to determine the surface of the mat. If your mat is sleepy so it will move while you are playing. To avoid this problem make sure that the surface of the mat is not sleepy and include hardwood floor, Tiles, concrete, Carpets.

Visible and accurate throw lines

Dartboard mat helps In setting up your game area. In this game, there are several rules and regulation including distance regulation. So make sure that throw lines are not only labeled and visible but most important that it must be accurate also.


Purchasing a dartboard mat is always necessary. So by these reviews, you can choose the best dartboard mat that will help you to give the best experience of this game and also helps in protecting your floor and dart as well.

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