The 5 Best Dart Flights to buy in 2019

Best Dart Flights

In this game of dart, it is very necessary to choose the best dart accessories very carefully because it will affect the overall performance of your game. Every darts player knows the importance of dart flights because it will help to take our game to a new level and that’s the only reason that players spend enough money and time in choosing best dart flights in the market. It is very important to choose it wisely because a dart flight helps to maintain the balance of dart until it hits the target.

If you are new to this game or don’t have enough knowledge about dart flights then this article will be very beneficial and helps to choose the best dart flight in the market. Here we will provide reviews of 5 best dart flights in the market and later you will also get a proper guide that will definitely help to initiate your purchasing decision.

L-style L3d Shape Dimple Champagne Dart Flights
Winmau Rhino Long Life Standard Extra Thick Dart Flights
3 Sets of 3 Dart Flights - 30-9082 - Dimplex USA Flag Standard Double Thick Dimpled Flights
Ruthless 30 x Darts Flights R4X Black Xtra Strong Standard Flights

Best Dart Flights Reviews in 2019

There are many dart flights in the market with different shape and size but not everyone is perfect for you. So keeping your preferences in mind here we are reviewing 5 best dart flight that are available in the market and have all the necessary things that someone needed in a dart flight.


Slim Dart Flight

This dart flight gives the extraordinary gaming experience and helps you to take your game to the very next level that’s the reason we have placed this dart flight on the number one position. Harrows are one of the leading company in the dart industry. The flights outer part provides more strength and durability to dart. The throwing experience of this dart varies from a person but most of the person responds positively after using this flight.

The dart is slightly heavy in weight that helps the dart in maintaining the balance in the air. The central part of the flight is very flexible and soft that makes it compatible with professional use. This dart flight is best in terms of speed and performance so there is not any limitation of use. It is the most recommended dart flight by professionals.

Top Features

  • It has more strength and durability
  • Best Throwing Experience
  • Central Part of flight is flexible and soft

2. L-style L3d Shape Dimple Champagne Dart Flights

 L-style L3d ShapeFlight

L-style L3d Shape Dimple Champagne Dart Flights are very strong and perfect for outdoor tournaments. It features pre-molded fins at 90 degrees for accurate targeting. In order to reduce ripping the flight is reinforced from the top and bottom edge that also helps in providing consistency to your dart. The best part of this dart flight is that you can use it with any dart sharp but mostly people prefer nylon shaft.

The flight provides a variety of shape, color, and design. The surface area of this dart flight is 1047 mm that is preferred by profession. The flight is getting a decent number of positive reviews on Amazon and user rated it 4.3 out of 5 that shows the satisfaction engaged with this flight.

Top Features

  • Pre-molded fins at 90 degree
  • It works with any type of shaft
  • Reinforced at top and bottom

3. Winmau Rhino Long Life Dart Flights

Winmau Extra Thick  Flight

Winmau Rhino Long Life Standard dart flight is the most popular name among beginner and intermediate players. The dart flight provides thickness from top and bottom so that it can maintain the proper balance of dart. The fins of dart flight are large that can keep bigger sharf stable and the texture allow the faster shot. So you will experience light dart throwing experience.

Another best thing of this dart flight is that it provides a variety of color and shape options. The flight prints are amazing you can choose according to your personal preference. So if you are looking for an affordable and durable option then Winmau Rhino Long Life Standard Extra Thick Dart Flight is the best option to consider.

Top features

  • Affordable price range
  • Color and prints option available
  • Helps in maintaining balance of dart

4. Dimplex USA Flag Standard Flights

Dimplex USA Flag Standard Double Thick Dimpled

Dimplex USA Flag Standard Double Thick Dimpled Flight is placed on the number fourth position because this dart flight comes in American flag design that looks very attractive and eye-catching.

It comes with 3 sets (9 Flights) that are more durable and extra thick textured. The flight provides flexibility to the dart. It is the suggested option for both intermediate and experts as it provides all the necessary feature in this reasonable price range.

Dimplex USA Flag flight is getting positive reviews on Amazon with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 that shows the satisfaction of players.

Top Features

  • Attective USA flag design
  • Smooth texture
  • Light weighted

5. Ruthless Black Xtra Strong Standard

Ruthless 30 x Darts Flights

Ruthless 30 x Darts Flight is the recommended option by the players who like speed shots and don’t want to change their flights after a couple of matches. The body is made up with simple plastic that provided lighter throwing experience.

The texture of the flight is very soft and that’s the reason that it is the most recommended option for the players who prefer speed shots. The quality of this dart flight is highly tasted so you can trust this flight for a professional match. The flight light weighted texture doesn’t allow the unbalancing of a dart.

Top Features

  • Affordable price
  • Smooth texture
  • High Quality

Why do we need flights?

It is the most common question asked by a majority of individuals. There is a great need of dart flights in this game. Here we are providing the important reason that gives a strong reason why you need to invest in a dart flight.


It is the most important reason that will influence the overall performance of your game. It will affect the stability of the dart in between the way of throwing and hitting. If there is no dart flight then dart will not hit the target or even can’t cover the half distance.

Air Resistance of a Dart

A dart flight will affect the air resistance of a dart. It directly depends upon the pattern of your dart flights that help a dart to cut the air particles. In other words, if we are buying a dart flight that is smoother and shorter that will definitely help to achieve your target.

The weight of a Dart

A darts weight is the most important reason that will make it clear that you will win or not. Although the preferences of weight vary from person to person some prefer a light weighted dart and other prefer a heavy dart but the fact is that the weight of a flight is affected by the type of dart flight. Larger flights are compatible with softer darts and on the other shorter darts can be adjusted with longer darts.

Types of Dart Flights

The types of dart flights are measured in two ways one is according to the shape of a dart and secondly, according to texture. So we will discuss in detail about both of these types.

Types of Flight according to Shape

There are 6 types of dart flights that are standard, slim, kite, lantern, teardrop and No. 6. Here you will get to know about each type in detail.

Standard Dart Flights

Standard darts are most common dart types used by a majority of dart players. It is the best option to consider if you are a slow thrower. The best thing about this particular type of dart flight is that it floats longer time in the air and that’s the only reason they are generally used with steel tip darts.

If your flight is continuously moving towards downwards or finding difficulty in stabilizing your dart then it is the only option to go with standard dart flights.

Slim Dart Flights

It is just opposite to standard dart flights. They are light weighted and cant stabilizes for a longer time in the air. If you are a hard thrower then it is better to purchase slim dart flights. Throwing a slim dart need a little extra push and it also converts the direction after throwing.

So you need to throw the dart in 20-degree upward direction to achieve the desired target. The weight is comparatively lesser and that’s the only reason that it is most commonly used with soft tips darts.

Lantern Dart Flights

Lantern dart flights are like other types of flights but the only difference is that these flights are heavy from the backside. It will help a dart to properly maintain in the air and helps to hit the target easily.

Kite Dart Flights

It is very similar to lantern dart flights but they are comparatively shorter in their shape that gives control and helps in easy gripping. So if you want a dart flight that can be easily operated then it kites dart flights is a better option to consider.

Teardrop Dart Flights

This particular type of dart allows a maximum lift from your darts and it is very easy to handle and control.

No. 6 Shape Dart Flights

It is the best alternative for a beginner as they are very handy and it is very comfortable in gripping these types of darts although they are like other types of darts the topmost part is narrow in shape.

Types of Dart Flights according to texture

There is another factor that you need to consider other than the shape of dart flights. The texture of dart flight will affect the overall performance of a dart so choose the texture of a dart according to your requirement and preference.

Smooth Dart Flight

Smooth Dart Flights are easy to move in the air so the chances of winning are generally higher if you are playing with smooth dart flights. The rate of flying is higher than textured dart flights.

Textured Dart Flights

Textured Dart Flights helps to provide the best experience of throwing. So if you find any mismatching of the target after throwing then you need to change the texture of a dart flight rather than changing the shape.

The Factors to Consider While Buying Dart Flights

Choosing a dart flight is not an easy task there are so many things that we need to consider while buying a dart flight because the decision of buying dart flight is attached with so many factors like cost, weight and many more. So here we will discuss each factor in detail so that you will get proper information about dart flights.


The size of a dart flight affects the overall mobility of a dart. You need to choose a smaller flight if you want to use it with longer shafts that maintain the stability of dart. So it is very important to maintain the proper size balance between the flight and shafts so that your dart can fly at a higher speed.


The weight of flight affects the overall weight of a dart and directly influences the gaming performance. So you need to check the weight of dart flight before purchasing. Here we will provide a checklist of weight so that you can choose according to your convenience.

75 Micron: Beneficial and perfect for beginners.

100 Micron: Most commonly used in the market.

150 Micron: Used for lobe attack and increase strength and durability.

Plastic Molded: It is comparatively heavy but perfect in terms of durability.


It is equally important to see the price of the flights. The price of dart flight is dependent upon the use and quality of the flight although there are some cheaper options available in the market they are not able to pass the durability test. So if you are a professional or intermediate player then it is advised to spend 30$ per set. On the other hand, if you are a casual or beginner player then you can invest up to 15$ in your dart flights.


If you are a professional or intermediate then the chances are that you already know the various aspects of dart flights but if you are a beginner then this detailed guide will let you know about all the relevant aspects of a dart flight.

These detailed reviews and guide will help to purchase the best dart flight. So it is advised to keep all the aspects of your mind whenever you are going to buy a new one because a wrong decision will completely spoil your gaming experience.

If you like this article and find it valuable then share it with your dart lover friend or family member and let them know about best dart flight reviews and guide.

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