Best Dart Cases: To Protect Your Darts (Review and Buying Guide 2020)

Best Dart Cases

Playing dartboard is really an interesting thing but if you are passionate about this game then it is really important to have proper knowledge of this game. A good player always takes cares of equipment and when it comes to darts it becomes really important to care properly.

Darts are very sharp from one side so it becomes very difficult to carry them barehanded. Sometimes It increases the chances of an accident. So it is important to choose the best dart Cases for your darts.

Mostly People prefer dart case because of two reasons one is to protect your darts and another is to keep people protected from darts. So here you will get to know in detail about dart case, Types and what things to prefer while buying.

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3 Best Dart Cases of 2020 (Our Picks)

There are many dart cases in the market but while choosing one we have to aware of its material and type of case. So consider these points in mind here we have reviewed 3 best Dart Case that will help you to carry your darts anywhere.

Casemaster Legion Dart Case

Metal  Case

This case gives you the freedom to take it anywhere so if you are a traveler then this is the perfect choice for you. It is the best choice for a casual player and a pro player. Both can use this easily without any problem.

Case master Legion 9 Dart Aluminum Storage/Travel Case looks great and it will grab the attention of people. If you are a beginner and don’t have much knowledge about dart case then this case is good for you.

If we talk about material then this case is made from aluminum and can store 9 Darts at one time (Set of 3*3). This case has 12 pockets and 10 mini sleeves for related accessories. These all accessories and pocket make this case more unique and stylish.

This case came with a lot of space. If you are looking for a case that is affordable and provides protection to your darts then this master legion dart case is a good option. It is strong and rigid from outside. This case fulfills all demands that you expect from a briefcase.

This casemaster dart case comes with double buckle lock that makes this case extra secure and this lock is very easy to use. You can unlock it any time without facing any difficulty. With all the above features, if we consider the price of this case then this case is very cost effective and affordable.

Final Decision: If you want extra protection for your darts and play professionally then this is the most recommended dart case for you.

Best Amazon Review: awesome case. When you enter the bar you look like your ready to win

Pros and cons of Casemaster Legion Dart Case

  • Aluminum material used
  • Durability is high
  • Price is Affordable
  • Locking System
  • Extra Pockets
  • Single color option
  • Some pockets are small to fit all flight sizes

Casemaster Elite Jr. 6 Dart Case

Fabric Case

If you want ultimate soft tip case and need extra luggage for your darts then casemaster elite jr. 6 dart case will be the best option for you. This case helps you to protect your dart while traveling. This case is very affordable in price. Price is less because this case is made up of less expensive material (Fabric and nylon) that reduces the cost. This case is marked as one of the best cases for soft tip dart. It ensures extra protection to your dart tips.

This case contains foam within it that ensure safety for your darts and problem behind this foam is that it gets softer timely. This is not a big issue but it is something to consider while purchasing this product. This case comes with 6 pockets and 2 storage tube. Storage tubes are beneficial to hold whatever material you want to carry.

Casemaster Elite Jr. 6 dart case comes with 6 months guarantee. If you find any problem with this case then your money will be fully refunded and also this case comes with moisture protection exterior that protects your darts from moisture. So if you use wisely then it is the most affordable and beneficial dart case for you.

Final Decision: This case comes with a 6-month guarantee. This ensures you to use at least once. If you face any problem then money is fully refunded

Best Review on Amazon: Love this case. Wish the flight pockets were a bit deeper so my flights didn’t keep falling out, otherwise very happy. I can fit 4 assembled sets of darts in it.

Pros and cons of Casemaster Elite Jr. 6 Dart Case

  • 90 Days warrenty
  • Zipper security
  • Price is Affordable
  • Single color option
  • No additional accessories

Tiga smart Dart Case

Nylon Dart Case

Tiga is the most popular brand in Japan that provides extra security for your darts. This case is made up of carbon fabric and perfects to protect soft tips. This doesn’t mean that this case is not safe. External body of this case keeps moisturizer away and provides an awesome experience.

Tiga smart dart can hold one set of darts. Zipper provides extra security to this case and also the handy wrist trap helps to carry this case with you anytime anywhere. There is only one storage pocket in this case so if you want to carry a lot of accessories with you then it is not much useful.

This case is very handy and lightweight so if you are a regular player then this will help a lot. Having all features with it, this case comes with four color option i.e. red, black, blue and metallic grey. Price of the dart is very effective. So if you want a dart case that will fulfill your needs with an affordable price then this Tiga smart dart case will be the best option for you.

Final decision: If you want a dart case with all basic features and doesn’t need much space for accessories and having a low budget then this Tiga smart dart case is recommended.

Best Review on Amazon: Good dart case to keep my darts protected in a traveling case.

Pros and cons of Tiga smart Dart Case

  • Light weighted
  • Affordable price
  • Durable
  • Provide color options
  • No space for accessories
  • Not appropriate for steel darts

Things to consider while buying a dart case (Buying guide)

Choosing a dart case is not an easy task. Sometimes we regret after buying because of some issues regarding quality, material, and size and there are such things that we don’t consider while buying dart case due to lack of knowledge. So here you will get to know about all these things that you have to consider while buying dart case and what are the characteristics of a good dart case.


The material of the dart case is a very important point to consider because durability and safety are depended upon the material used in the dart case. Generally, dart cases are of two types that are hard and soft. Hard cases are made up of metal and plastic on the other hand soft cases are made up of fabric and nylon. The hard case is more durable than a soft case. So here you will get to know about different types of material used in dart cases.

Metal Dart Case

Metal Dart Case

These cases are comparatively expensive than fabric dart cases. Metal dart case provides high protection to darts. These case are harder from outside and soft from inside. Metal protects darts from external attack and places it in the same condition. These cases come with a lock for additional protection.

Plastic Dart Case

Plastic Dart Case

Plastic case price is comparatively lower than metal dart case and fabric dart case. These cases are not much secure or protective as metal dart but it depends on your uses. If you are not a regular user then you can use plastic dart case but chances of physical damage are higher. So makes sure to place this case very carefully.

Nylon/Fabric Dart Case

Nylon Dart Case

Nylon/Fabric Dart case is also known as soft cases, These cases are lightweight and provide great protection to your darts. Price of these dart cases is higher than the plastic case and lower than metal dart case. Nylon darts can hold enough accessories with it. These cases come with more pockets and Velcro straps.


Size is also a very important thing to consider after material. What size you prefer is depended on the need of that player. You will have to prefer a dart in which you can place your all accessories.

Some people play with only one set, for those compact 3 darts case will be a good option and some experienced player carry more than one set. They need a large cage to carry their dart. For professional players case with extra pockets and shafts is recommended to fulfill their needs.

Purpose of dart case

This is also a very important point to consider. Material and size are directly depended on the purpose of the dart case. For example, if you want to buy a dart case for home use then a plastic case can be a good option and if you are a traveler then the plastic case is not recommended at all. So here you will get to know which perfect dart case for home as well as travel purpose.

For Competition player and traveler

Metal case will be a good option for a pro player and traveler because a single effect on dart can affect the performance level.

For a traveler, it is very hard to keep dart protected during traveling. Some more benefits of the metal case are that it protects from moisturizer and handy. It is also very easy to clean. It comes with a lock to provide extra security to your darts.

For Home Use

Dart Case for home

At home other things are not much considered there are some things that considered at home is that darts can be placed in an organized manner and out of the reach of a child. So keeping these things in mind plastic or nylon case can be helpful.


Although durability depends upon the use of dart case but still if you want more durable dart case then you can buy metal dart case and if you want to buy plastic dart case make sure that it must be strong enough from outside to protect your darts.


There is not any single suggestion for dart case. It depends upon several factors discussed above. So make sure to ensure such factors like durability, use, size, and material before buying dart case. These factors are very important to consider because a small mistake can affect your game experience.
The dart cases are reviewed by considering these factors and satisfactory reviews of people. So you can choose any one depending upon your choice.

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