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Looking To Buy The Best Dart Board Cabinets in 2020, Viper Dartboard Cabinet?

A dartboard cabinet is an important thing that you must buy when you get a dartboard at your home. A cabinet is not only a piece of decoration but also an essential accessory for your dartboard.

It has a scoreboard and some extra space to hold your darts. It protects your dartboard from dust and keeps it clean. Most of the dartboards do not last long because we don’t buy a cabinet to protect them. You can easily buy the best dart board cabinets under $100.

It also helps to protect your wall from the bad throws. In every house party, some so many people are either drunk or beginners in this game. They can throw the darts in such a wrong way that it can hit the wall behind the board and ruin it.

7 Best Dart Board Cabinets Set Reviews (Our Picks)

Having a cabinet for your dartboard is a good idea, but most of the people don’t know how to select the best cabinet for their dartboard. Don’t worry, in this article, I have reviewed the top 7 best dartboard cabinets you can buy online. So keep on reading.

1. Viper Metropolitan Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet

Viper Metropolitan is the best dartboard cabinet, which is our number one pick. This is a classic cabinet that is available in cinnamon, espresso, mahogany, and oak wood finishes. This gives an awesome look to your dartboard and also becomes a part of the decoration in the house.

It is made with 100% high-quality solid pine, which makes it more durable and strong. The well-designed box joints of this cabinet provide it with more durability. Bronze hinges are used in this cabinet to keep its doors moving smooth and steady.

It has open dimensions of 42″ L x 27.5″ W x 3.5″ D and closed dimensions of 21″ L x 27.5″ W x 3.5″ D. Two compact door stoppers are also fitted in this cabinet to protect the dartboard from a door slamming shut.

It is a perfect cabinet for all official tournament sized dartboards. This cabinet includes a dry erase scoreboard to write the score of every player and also an out-chart board for quick scoring.

The company does not use veneers or artificial wood in the construction of this board high-caliber cabinet. It comes with different variations. You can buy this cabinet along with a dartboard, but you have to pay extra for it.

It has huge storage inside. You can remove the dart caddy, which holds 6 dart slots, 6 flight/shaft pockets, and 1 large multi-function pocket.

Top Features

  • Available in 4 wood finishes
  • Crafted with solid pine
  • More durable
  • Bronze hinges are used
  • Comes with 2 compact door stoppers
  • Best for all official tournament sized dartboards
  • Removable dart caddy

2. Imperial Dartboard Cabinet

Imperial is an officially licensed NFL dartboard cabinet. It is a heavy cabinet that is manufactured by the best quality solid pine wood, which gives it a sturdy profile.

This cabinet has one fantastic feature: you can get your team logo painted on the center of this dartboard cabinet doors to show your team spirit proudly. You also have an option to put your team name and the team logo on the interior of this cabinet.

It has measurements of 23-1/4″ L x 22″ W x 4″ D which provides a perfect space for any size of a dartboard. This cabinet has storage to store up to 12 darts and marker.

This cabinet includes an 18″ high-quality bristle dartboard. 6 NFL logo steel-tip darts are also included with the team name on the flights. It also has 2 chalkboard scorers to record the scores, and it also has chalk and eraser.

You can place it anywhere in the house. It is very easy to install and become a great attraction when placed in the TV room or living room. This cabinet and the products it includes are all made in the USA.

Top Features

  • Custom painted logo of your team
  • Perfect for all size dartboards
  • Includes 18″ bristle dartboard and 6 steel tip darts
  • Huge storage
  • Gives classic look and sturdy profile

3. DMI Sports Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet

DMI Sports Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet is available in cherry, oak, rosewood finish. It has a finger joint frame construction, which makes it strong and durable.

This cabinet has deluxe self-closing brass hinges, and the doors have storage to hold 2 sets of darts so that you can put your darts in that storage. The cabinet doors have no gaps, keeping the dartboard protected from the dust and making it last longer.

One 18″ bristle dartboard is also included with this cabinet. This bristle dartboard is made from tons of high-quality sisal fibers. If you don’t have a dartboard or maybe you are planning to get a new one, then this cabinet set is the best for you.

It also has a replaceable chalk scoreboard on the inside of each door. You can quickly write down the score of every player on this scoreboard.

It is big in size, which works for the protection of the wall from the bad throws. Many people can’t hit the dart on the board, and it strikes the wall behind the board, which can ruin it. So, this cabinet provides extra protection from stray darts. You can easily close the doors of this cabinet when the dartboard is not in use. After closing the doors, it protects your board perfectly.

If you want a good quality cabinet at a low price, which includes a dartboard in it, then spending your money on this will be a good option, and I am sure you won’t be sorry.

Top Features

  • Available in Cherry, Rosewood and Oak finishes
  • Self-closing brass hinges
  • Long lasting
  • High quality and low price
  • One 18″ Bristle dartboard is included
  • Storage space for darts

4. Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet

The CenterPoint dartboard is expertly crafted from the high-quality solid poplar hardwood. This hardwood cabinet is coated with a rich, dark cherry finish, which gives a classic sophistication to your game room.

This cabinet has 25.5″ Height, 22″ Width and 3.75″ Diameter which allows you to fit any size of the dartboard in it. The cabinet’s surface behind the dartboard has velour fabric, which provides a vintage backdrop and provides a perfect complement to your dartboard.

You get a free 18″ dartboard with this cabinet set. This board is made of sisal fiber that heals quickly, and rounded target frame ring on it minimizes bounce-outs. It also includes two sets of steel-tipped darts with durable nylon dart flights.

The cabinet doors come with two dry erase scoreboards to keep track score of every player. You get a marker to write on the board and an eraser on the other side of the marker. The cabinet doors open easily because of the high-quality, stainless steel hinges.

The company of this dartboard cabinet set gives you a 180-day manufacturer warranty. They promise that it will arrive damage free with all necessary parts and accessories. Otherwise, they’ll send replacement parts or an entirely new unit to you at no cost.

Overall this set will provide your family and friends with hours of fun. You can spend your money to buy a full set of dartboard cabinet.

Top Features

  • Crafted from high-quality solid poplar hardwood
  • Coated with rich, dark-cherry finish
  • Cabinet dimensions: 25.5-in H x 22-in W x 3.75-in D
  • Free 18″ sisal fiber dartboard
  • Includes two sets of steel-tipped darts
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • 180 Day manufacturer warranty

5. Viper Hudson Dartboard Cabinet

Viper Hudson Dartboard Cabinet is constructed with high-quality solid pine, which makes it long-lasting. It’s solid box joints provide it with durability, and the bronze hinges help the doors close and open easily and complement the look of the room.

It has a stopper on each door to protect the dartboard and the cabinets from a door slamming shut. The cabinet is also crafted so that after closing the doors, it perfectly protects the dartboard from the dust. The main compartment has dimensions of 20″ L x 20″ W x 2.125″ D. You can fit any sisal/bristle dartboards and it accommodates all official tournament sized dartboards.

This cabinet includes a dry erase scoreboard to note down the scores. An out-chart board to measure the score of the throw and one dry erase marker to write and erase on the scoreboard.

If you want to buy the dartboard with it, you have to pay extra, but if you already have a dartboard, you can buy it alone. This is the best quality cabinet for you in your budget.

Top Features

  • Made from high quality solid pine
  • Solid box joints
  • Best bronze hinges
  • Two door stoppers
  • Main Compartment dimensions= 20″ L x 20″ W x 2.125″ D
  • Scoreboard and dry erase marker

6. Viper Championship Dartboard Cabinet

Viper is known for its quality; that is why here is another dartboard cabinet from Viper. This cabinet is called Viper Championship Wood Framed Dartboard. It is made from MDF with a mahogany finish, which gives an awesome look to the place where you place it.

Most of the time, the beginners or any drunk person hit the dart on the wall instead of the board, and this ruins the beauty of the wall. So this board has a black felt backing to protect the wall from missed darts.

You can fit any type and size of the dartboard on this cabinet, and it includes one panel with a dry erase scoreboard to remember the score and another panel with a removable flight pouch.

The one more good thing about this cabinet is that it can hold up to 4 complete sets of darts, which means it has storage to keep 12 darts in it.

It includes dry erase marker and mounting hardware but does not comes with dartboard and darts. You have to pay extra for these accessories.

Top Features

  • Made from MDF
  • Mahogany finish is used
  • Black felt backing for wall protection
  • Dry erase scoreboard
  • Can hold up to 4 complete sets of darts

7. Barrington Chatham Dartboard Cabinet

Barrington Premium Dartboard Cabinet Set comes with 4 different variants. The Chatham is our best pick from them. This is a bristle dartboard cabinet which includes 17.75″ high-quality self-healing bristle dartboard with a staple-free bull’s eye target to increase board resilience and longevity.

This is a lightweight rustic arcade design cabinet. This has a large regulation size target face, but it is very light and easy to install.

This cabinet comes with almost all the essential parts required for a regulation dartboards match, including 6 steel tip darts with 6 flights. So, you can fully enjoy the game like a pro with your friends and family.

This is a modern hanging cabinet. This custom cabinet case can hang on any wall. It has a solid box joint construction, which makes it more durable. It also has compact door stoppers to prevent cabinet doors from slamming.

The wood doors of this cabinet are the best blockers to keep your walls safe from wayward dart shots, and this hanging dartboard cabinet will look fantastic in your pub room or game room.

Top Features

  • Comes with 4 different variants
  • Includes 17.75″ high-quality bristle dartboard
  • Lightweight rustic arcade design
  • Includes 6 steel tip darts
  • Easy to hang
  • Compact door stoppers


A dartboard cabinet will help to protect your dartboard, so choose the one that has a strong build quality and passes the whole criteria of your selection.

Do you already own the best dart board cabinets yet? We hope that these reviews will help in deciding the most appropriate option as per your demand.

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