5 Best Dart Board Backboard in 2020 (Reviews and Buying Guide)

best dart board backboard of 2019 reviews

The people who have played dartboard they know how important is it to to have a dart board backboard while playing the dartboard.

As we play dartboard we occasionally miss throw the dart and it damage the wall and sharp point of the dart itself.

So by having a dart board backboard we can prevent both wall and our darts from damaging. So if you want to prevent your dart and wall protected while playing game then here below we have reviewed best dart board backboard you can choose in 2019.

Further we also written a detailed buying guide in this post that will help you to purchase best dart board backboard. Also tell you which factor you should look at while buying a dartboard.

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5 best dart board backboard of 2020 (our pick)

Here we have reviewed 5 best dart board backboard after personally testing them and also looking other factors like their prize, material and durability.

Professional Dartboard Backboard, Octagonal

best professional dart board backboard

This is a supreme quality professional dartboard backboard available in the market you ever need. This product is made in USA and best in class. It is highly rated on various online platform since it came in the market it again so much popularity.

Backboards is made from pulse fabric material this will not show any dart holes and let not marred wood when dart it to it. This single feature made it strong,stable and durable. it will come with a
Recessed per-installed dartboard mounting bracket for wobble-free performance.

To fix the dartboard over backboards you will get inbuilt Steel-reinforced mounting points for secure wall attachment and 3 inch screws and anchors included.

The size of this dartboard backboards is 29 x 29 x 1inch. It i will made with wood and plush fiber that will make it durable and substantial.

It is a light weight and easy to mount. This backboard is made from such a high quality wood that no wood frame of dart will be damaged

Backboard is made in such kind that it will fully protect your wall and dart from being damaged. Once it fully setup there is not fuss.

Quick and Stable Dartboard Hanging with preinstalled recessed dartboard bracket to easily hang your dartboard at regulation height. You can remove,reattach or replace your dartboard easily when ever you want.

Viper Wood Framed Dartboard Backboard

best viper dart backboard premium quality

This is the most Luxurious Dartboard Backboard in the market by reputed company viper in the market. Further is most durable, stable and long lasting dartboard backboard made from supreme quality material.

It will defend your wall and darts from being damaged by miss thrown darts with its large surface coverage of 29 x 29 inches. A glorious mahogany finished frame encases the edges of the backboard, elevating its sophisticated appearance.

It is big size backboards so it will suitable for all kind of dartboard even you can fit a bigger electronic dartboard over it.

The another best feature about this is that you will get pre-installed mount to easily fix your dartboard over it. You can also easily hung it on the wall you don,t need any drill to setup it. All mounts and screw are already pre-installed in it.

It is made from wood and such another material that gives you such a rigidity and give that that allow surface penetration and capture the dart and preventing it from falling on the surface.

Once you setup it successfully then there is not fuss and you can enjoy your darting without damaging your wall and darts and don,t ever need to paint your wall.

Viper Defender III Extended Length Dartboard

longest dart board backboard

If you are looking for a premium quality, durable, long lasting and longest dart board backboard that is best for darting then viper defender 3 will be your number one choice. Viper is reputable manufacturer of high quality dart related product.

This comes with six piece foam that you can assemble in any way without the use of any tool you can make short or large kind of dart backboard by assembling few or all pieces. This is what it make unique then other backboards.

The dartboard is made from high quality v form. Sisal and bristal fiber is used in the manufacturing of this board which will make is more effective in protecting both your dart and wall.

The another great feature about is the size of this backboard. It is the most longest size dartboard backboard and any way even if you miss throw your dart to any extend it will protect your wall and dart. It is 42 inch longer, 28 inches wider and 1 inch thicker.

Viper Championship Wood Framed Dartboard Backboard Set

best dart backboard kit

This is the ultimate vipers defense between dart and the wall. With this dart backboard you will also get many thing in bonus. You will get following things with the Viper Championship Backboard Set includes 1 dry-erase scoreboard, 1 dry-erase marker, 1 dart storage rack, and golden heavy duty strap hangers.

This dartboard is made from a type of high quality of MDF and have a very clean Mahogany finish. In my experience there are very few dart backboard i have seen that match the shine, quality, finishing with this dart board backboard.

It will come with a very large size that will cover the large area of wall and protect your wall even large miss thrown dart. It will come with dimension of 29 x 29 inch which is usually suitable for all kind of dartboard even you can fit electronic dart board over this.

In bonus you will get a score board which is you can write the score with marker and erase it for new scoring. You will get a beautiful wooden rack in which you can place unto 12 darts and 8 flights in well organized manner and keep them safe from harm.

It this board there a such kind of material used that will give you such a amount of give and rigidity which allows surface penetration and capture the dart and prevent it from slipping and falling to the floor.

Cork Dart Board Backer

best dart board backboard cork

This another kind of dart backboard made from a kind of material name cork although it is not durable as other kind of material used in making backboard but it is best cheap alternative and a good option for beginners.

100% natural cork material used,renewable and environment friendly.

The size of this board is also a great. you will get 36x24x0.5 inches surface that will protect your dart and wall together.

The cork will reduce the bounce of dart and dart will also stick to it. It will not let the dart wall down.so if you are looking for big size, cheap, stable option to protect your dart and wall to being damge then this is good option for you.

However you will not get mount to fix it to the wall but it is OK in comparison of its prize.

Best dart board backboard buying guide.

Here in this section we will cover all aspect of dartboard back board like what is dart board and what are uses of it, how to choose a dartboard that is best for you and many other things.

What is a dart board backboard and why we need need them.

Dartboard backboard is a piece of wood, cork that hung behind the dartboard and it is usually bigger then dartboard and cover the near surrounding wall behind the dartboard.

The dart backboard is made to protect the walls from dart holes. The spiky sharp mouth of dart can hit the wall and cause a hole in wall if we we miss the targeted area.

Use of dart board backboard.

There are following below uses of dartboard backboards you can read them.

Protect walls

Have you ever seen the wall with lots of smaller holes, do you want your wall to look like that probably not. To fix these types of wall and to paint them they cost of hell lot of money than buying a cheap dart board backboard.

Every time you miss your dart to targeted area then your dart spiky part hit the wall and your wall damaged every time. So it is better to have a dart board backboard to protect your wall.

Don,t feel sorry to at-least spend few bucks dart backboard to protect expensive paint of your wall.

Protect dartboard

Every time when your dart hit the wall what comes first in your mind. Oohh no the nib of dart is blend or broken or i think i need to buy new one.

So buy a good quality dartboard backboard so you never need to buy new darts every time when you miss your aim. Backboard will protect both your wall and dart.

Gives you good feel.

If your hung your dartboard on dartboard backboard then if look more beautiful and professional and you don’t need to worry that if you miss dart aim then what will happen.

Your dartboard look more attractive and fabulous.

Types of dart board backboard.

Usually there are three type of dart board backboard that are available in the market, that are cork, wooden and plush backboard.

Cork dart board backboard is usually the lowest quality backboard and are less durable in nature. Because usually cork crack and damge faster then two other types of material.

Wooden dart board backboard is durable and it will not last long forever. It will scratched and marred when continuously dart hit to it.

Plush dartboard backboards is kind of backboard which a piece of wood is covered by layer of plush fabric that will durable and longer and protect wood to being marred while dart hitting to it.

Things to consider while buying best dartboard backboards.

Before buying a dart board backboard let understand what makes a dartboard backboard best. There is not any dartboard in the market which we qualify as a best backboard for you because there are other factors that varies person to person like how much money you want to spend and what your need. Here are the Following factors you should consider while buying dart board backboard that fit best to you.

Budget: Before buying any dartboard backboard always check the prize and ensure that it should be in your budget.

Quality: Always check the material which is used in dart backboard. If you want a durable and last longer backboard then you must buy fabric coated wooden dart-backboard or metallic backboards.

Size of backboard: You must check the size of the dart backboard while buying it. You should ensure that it will cover the surrounded area of wall and should fit over the area where you want to place it.

Seller rating or product rating: If you buy them online then always check the product rating and reviews of that protect before to buy them.

Aesthetics Matter: Except its functionality future you should consider the look, shape and design of the backboard. Ensure it will give you a great feel.

Functionality: It is the last and most important factor you must consider and single most reason to buy dartboard board. It must be thick and stronger so it can protect both wall and dart from being damaged.


These reviews and guide will help to make your purchasing best. It is recommended to keep everything in mind while buying a dartboard backboard.

If you like this detailed guide then share it with your family and friends.

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